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High mountain guides in the Vall de Arán

The Aran Valley is a privileged place to do endless activities in the snow. In Cota1700 we take very seriously that you place your security in our hands and that is why we have one of the best UIAGM mountain guides. Contact and request information on the activities we schedule. Dare yourself!


Mountain skiing

Ascents to the main peaks of the Aran Valley in mountain skiing. Duration and technical level depending on your preferences. Call us to recommend the best site and activity for you.


Heliski in the Aran Valley

The best spots in the Aran Valley, full-time, part-time or helirando heliski. Up to 4 people per helicopter, 400 km2 of heli-terrain. You will have an exclusive area between 1200 meters and 3000 meters above sea level.


Freeride in Baqueira- Beret

Enjoy the best off-piste and itineraries in Baqueira-Beret with a local and certified UIAGM High Mountain Guide. Descent to Montgarri, Val de Ruda and Bagergue with an adapted pace and terrain.

Book your UIAGM!

Book your UIAGM!

Jorge Valle:  UIAGM Guide

Jorge Valle, has been a member of the Spanish Mountaineering Team (EEA) of the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports (FEDME) and High Performance Sportsman by the Superior Sports Council (CSD). He is a High Mountain Sports Technician and High Mountain Guide UIAGM / IVBV / IFMGA, maximum accreditation and training that can be obtained internationally.

Based in the Aran Valley during the winter, he works as a heliski and Baqueira-Beret guide. He complements his work during the summer guiding mountaineering activities in the Alps. The rest of the time takes the opportunity to enjoy travel on all continents: Himalayas, Africa, Patagonia, Andes, Pyrenees, America, China …
He is a great connoisseur of the ski area of ​​the Aran Valley looking for the best descents and the best snow making your experience unforgettable.

“Skiing is an inexhaustible source of learning, experience and emotion, and it makes even more beautiful the fact that everything is kept inside oneself; and at the same time, it makes no sense if it is not practiced among good friends. The mountain has a self-taught and daring character that is essential for every skier, but there comes a time when knowledge and experience must be transmitted from one to another to evolve. That is where the job of a guide makes sense. Dare and enjoy mountaineering and nature in its pure state and think of all the places to discover and so many mountains to ski … ”


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