Dog sled in Aran Valley

Privileged territory

Discover the amazing experience of scrolling on a dog sled in the Aran Valley. Definitely a different and attractive way to discover the natural beauty of the area with a professional guide-companion. There are many diffeerent options to enjoy this activity, whether with family, friends,… In addition, tours culminate with a tasting menu lunch or dinner at Cottage of Montgarri

Dog sleds tours

  • 1/2 Hour: 40€/person
  • 1 Hour: 90€/person

Tour to Montgarri with luch or dinner in the Cottage of Montgarri

Tour to the mythical village of Montgarri where we enjoy a delicious meal, either day or night.
Sample menu: Delicatessen of the Cottage, Aran’s saucepan, beef steak, duck magret, desserts and wine.
Excursión de 14kms. Horario de 13h a 16h30 o 20h a 23h30

  • Day tour: 165€/person
  • Nght tour: 185€/person

Sled capacity 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Minimum 2 people per sled.Menú included
CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS 50% DISCOUNT-Includes special menu for children

Driving sled dogs

If what you want is to drive a sled as an authentic musher, we give you the opportunity to test your skills with dogs, accompanied by a guide on a snowmobile.

  • 1 Hour 100€/person






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